3 Types of Business Letter Format You Need to Know

Making business letter format is not complicated at all; you just need to realize the rules and patterns of each type of business letter. Yes, there is more than one business letter format that are common to use. Each of them has their own classifications and specifications. Here, you will learn all three of them altogether. Starting from examples to the important parts inside the business letter format will be discussed in the following paragraphs. You may want to learn and be detail on them in the first place so you will now waste so much time. Here are some format of business letters.

3 Types of Business Letter Format You Need to Know

Business Letter Format

Block format. Block format in business letter is the simplest amongst the three. The reason why this has been considered as the simplest one is because all of the fillings are placed on the left side of the letter. Here is the arrangement; the first is the address of the sender or writer, complete; the second is months, date, and year; the third is the receiver of the letter along with their position in the company and includes company location or address; the fourth is the body of business letter; the last one is a common thing includes name, signature, and the position of sender. All of them are written in align left.

The second type of business letter is related to the first type, just being modified. In this block format that is being modified, the placement of addresses, dates, closing, signature, and name of the sender is on the left side of letter. The composition is still the same, what makes it so different is just the position of some points mentioned above. In order to write a good business letter, the format block one, you need to realize that there is a detail you need to pay attention at, and that detail is called effectiveness. Indeed, effectiveness is very important in writing a business letter.

The last type of business letter is semi-block format. Here, the writing format is almost the same with the previous one. What makes it so different is in the filling or body part, the paragraph is made one tab further from the side lines. Meanwhile, in the two previous formats, this does not matter. The first line consist of address, followed by dates months and years, and they are all on the right. Starting from there is the left except the signature and the additional enclosures and typist initials.

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