Business Name Ideas – How to Name Your Business

People nowadays are starting to open building their empire of business. They will get busy in thinking of the concept as well as how to begin that they forget about one thing. One thing that is important too to consider in business world, and that is the name of it. Deciding the name cannot be done randomly even though we have tons of business name ideas. It has to be thought carefully until final decision is made. So, how to do it?

Business Name Ideas - How to Name Your Business

Business Name Ideas

Think of the Value
When we want to start a business, we might want to involve media so people will learn about us. However, before doing that, we must prepare the name first. The name must contains a value that is suitable with the services or products we sell in our business. There is nothing wrong if you want it to be a bit playful and fun. That is even better, to be honest.

Think of As Many Names As You Can
If we have one name in our mind, do not use it way too soon. Give ourself more times by thinking some more of them. after we already have one collection, we can ask our co-workers to give their opinion about which one is better. In this case, we can have an elimination system. If there is some name we do not agree with, the we can get rid of them from the list. Do it until one last name stands. If all people are happy about the result, then that is the name. Otherwise, we may begin from the start by collecting some names again.

Simple, Easy to Write and Remember, and Not Too Long
The next tips is to ensure the name is simple, not too long, and easy to write and remember. As we can see, there are so many companies which have been successful with name in only one word. Let’s say those companies are Apple, Starbucks, Prada, etc. Each name fulfills the criterias we mentioned before. It is simple, we can write it easily, and people have known these names since they already have them in their mind. That’s what we want to achieve.

Do Not Follow Trend
It is better to avoid ourself from trend. Maybe our business will get famous in seconds when we use the name based on a term which is popular at that time. However, our fame will only valid until that time. It will be gone in the next days. Thus, prevent using trendy word or phrase as business name ideas.

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