Creative Promotional Business Card Magnets Stuck on Any Steel Surfaces

Some people love keeping some of their stuff in their wallet, including some cards. However, the time is changing. Current trend does not require keeping the cards inside the wallet because it seems to be easier to keep them stuck on drawer, cabinet or even refrigerator. That is why business card magnets are now so popular. The design makes them more catchable. When someone is working at the office or when they are preparing some foods and drinks in the kitchen, the information of important person is already displayed.

Creative Promotional Business Card Magnets Stuck on Any Steel Surfaces

Business Card Magnets

Talking about the design, business card magnets have similar design with the common business card. There are some important points of information that should be involved, including the name, company name, e-mail address, phone number, address or even website address. Playing with the colors is also important. Select the color that is catchy when it is combined with the gray accent of the refrigerator, drawer or any stainless steel furniture. White, blue, red are some colors that are frequently selected for the card. Gradation effect, patterns, motifs can also be added. However, they should not disturb the main function of the business card that is to let someone directly knows about you.

You can have the business card magnets from the simplest to the most sophisticated one. The standard design offers you with easy- to-understand design. It looks simple because you will need only to provide some pieces of information including your name and identity. The custom design offers you more stunning look. It combines the logo, background, templates and patterns. Full color printing is also offered for the better presentation. Whichever the design that you take, your promotional business card should catch more attention so that your customer will give you some more repeat businesses. Remember, the card can be a decorative item stuck on the refrigerator door or some other spots.

The card can be made of some materials. For a perfect result, the harder material is better. It makes the card perfectly stuck on any metal surfaces. Besides, the material should also be eco-friendly. It saves the world. UV coated process should also be considered for the perfect result. Impressive glossy look is created. To order business card magnets, the common minimal order is 25 items. The price starts from $5.99 (Canadian Dollar), especially one with cut off, based on the material, design and quantity. Find the great design and the best provider so that you will take more benefits!

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