Finding the Best Business Laptop to Work with in Workdays

Looking for the best business laptop, what is currently in beat? To meet your need of working comfortably with your laptop, some standard requirements of a laptop for work are powerful, durable, light and secure. The laptop will accompany you in your entire workday. It should be portable. Don’t let it bother yourself when you are in a rush, moving from certain place to other place and from certain project to other project. Powerful battery will be one of the most important considerations. Safety feature is another crucial item to keep all of your data from thieves or hackers. So, which laptop that you will need?

Finding the Best Business Laptop to Work with in Workdays

Best Business Laptop

Every manufacturer offers you their best business laptop that makes pledges. Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Hp, etc. have their own priding tools. The Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme, for example, is with modernized design to fulfill your needs of harsh area. Fortunately, it is certified. $4705.75 agrees its strong performance even you use it to do many activities. Besides, it has long life battery which is swappable. 1.9 GHz Intel Core i5 is the engine behind its performance. However, one may pierce other stuff offered by Lenovo. The Lenovo ThinkPad W550s is powered with an Intel Core i7 and it is only $2734.

If your budget is under $2000, you should see what the HP and Apple offer to you. $1719 is enough for a best business laptop which is in slim design, touch screen control, and an Intel Core i5. Light in weigh design helps you easily port this stuff. WOW, it is only 3.65 pounds! It is HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G1. It is also featured with 802.11ac Wi-Fi that makes your online moment amazing. About the battery life, it has nothing to be proud of. Compared to the Dell E7440, the Elitebook consumes the battery 24 minutes faster.

Need more affordable best business laptop? Apple offers Its MacBook 12”. It has incredible weight which is not more than 2 pounds. It has also real thin design. Then, you need to also see that it has good battery quality. This thin laptop has the battery live up to 14 hours. It is better than the HP EliteBook and other thin laptops by some manufacturers. For the performance, it is supported with Intel Core M-5Y31. It works with the HD Graphics 5300 to give you more experience of working with business laptop. The more surprising is that you can buy it with only $1299.

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