Get to Know the Business Card Size and Its Designs

Business card size has each standard size in each country in the world. Business card size is a main needs for someone to have a business with their relation. Business card is also functioned as a media to introduce the company or the business people have to other people. But for those, you probably, who want to design your own business card must be confused about the size. There are actually two types of size, the common ones, the big one and the small one. But what is the actual and standard size for business card? Find out more here in the following paragraphs.

Get to Know the Business Card Size and Its Designs

Business Card Size

Standard Sizes of Business Card
In fact, there are lots of sizes for business card; they are all different and many. The common business size card used in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, US, Holland, UK, Italia, France, Spain and Indonesia are different. Starting from 85 to 91 mm is for the length, and then starting from 50 to 55 mm for the width. The size depends on the common use each country applies. Usually, the size will fit with the function and needs. You can now predict and imagine about your own designed business card by seeing the size. But, what about the design?

Criteria for Professional Design
There are actually many tips to follow due to the design of the business card. The first is to play with the font size; the various font size will lead the reader’s eyes to choose which contains are the prior in the business card. First rule is make the business card visible and point to the name, getting more attention for the readers. After that, phone numbers, emails, and address can be made smaller. The second tips is that using too many fonts is bad, really bad; 2 types of font is the maximum.

The other things to consider are the minimum size of font, important points, and organized layouts. Minimum size of font can be made into 6 pt; sometimes, 5pt font with capital and old letter. The important point or to do point is the most crucial thing next. It is enough for you to point the important information; it is indeed a promotion but the media is limited; there are other media to fulfill other content that cannot be content in business card like brochure or flyer. The last one is the organized layouts; make sure the layout, margin, align left, align right, and justify are clear enough. Then the business card will be neat and good looking.


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