How to Choose an Ideal Business Card Dimensions

Choosing a good business card dimensions for your business card can be confusing at first, especially since there are a number of card dimensions you can consider for your business card, depending on your design as well as what representation you wish to make. However, it is worth keeping in mind that function should follow design; no matter how creative or unique-looking your business card is, it is still a tiny stack of cards that you would toss around to people and keep it in your pocket in various occasion.

How to Choose an Ideal Business Card Dimensions

Business Card Dimensions

Therefore, it is necessary to design it based on function, first and foremost. But does this mean you cannot choose a-unique looking business card out of the limitation of dimensions? The answer to that is not, because there is actually an ideal of business card size in square design that would not only be efficient but also catchy-looking. There are an abundance of business card designs in modern times, and all you need to do is to choose the right one for your business.

An Ideal Dimension for Your Business Card
Non-standard business card size is one of the sure-fire ways to create a strong impression for your business. Even though it might be more costly, but choosing a customised design of your business card along with a customised dimension is worth it in the long run. Odd-shaped cards are not recommended, unusual card sizes of your business card does. Shapes eventually matter, but put emphasize on your business card dimensions when selecting the most efficient design for your cards. The standard size for your business card is 3.5 by 2 inches and there are a plethora of car designs as well as sizes available out there. A square-shaped business card is good to add height to the design of your business card. Not only it feels right, but it is also the most efficient design out there.

Creating your Own Business Cards
Aside from dimensions, templates of your business cards also matter. It is necessary to first create a clear outline of your business cards’ design and then start from that. There are many tutorials on the internet available that can guide you to creating a nicely-put business card. When creating a good business card though, make sure to play it safe around the borders of the card and pay attention to things such as whether or not you are going to make it a double-sided card or folded card. Last but not least, choose the right business card dimensions for your ideal business card!

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