Why You Should Register Business Name

It goes without saying that the name of a business is one of the most important assets. After all, we all know how difficult and time consuming picking the right and good name for a business can be. This way, you surely will always want to protect the chosen name in any way you can. In doing so, you can and should register business name you have chosen, meaning to follow both local and state laws that require you to register an assumed or fictitious business name.

Why You Should Register Business Name

Register Business Name

Is that the only reason why to register business name is a must? The answer is no; that is not. States prefer to keep track of assumed or fictitious business names for a few reasons. One of them is to help prevent customer from confusion related to two local businesses using the same company name. Another reason is to provide a quick way for customers to determine the owner of certain company without having to spend money to hire a private investigator. This way, customers thus are allowed to contact the company owners easily, either with a complaint or to take legal action against the company owners.

If you shrug off this requirement, you may find it hard to open an account under the business you choose if you do not have authentic proof that you already register business name of yours. And it is probably even more important for your business that you will not be able to impose any contract that you sign under the company name. Last but not least, if you do not register the assumed or fictitious business name you pick, you are not giving notice that the name is already in use to other businesses. This way, it is most likely to happen that other business can use the name for its own, which can be disadvantageous without a doubt.

Registering your fictitious business name is actually fairly easy, even though the procedures may vary from state to state. However, in general, to register business name of yours, you need to start by searching the fictitious name database to ensure that you are not trying to register a business name that is already registered and even in use. And if your business name is already registered, you may need to publish the name in a newspaper and submit a proof of publication or affidavit, depending on the state’s law imposed in your area.

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